Benefits of Vitamin B12 shots

It wasn’t too long ago that Vitamin B12 injections could only be recommended by a doctor and only then for serious B12 deficiencies.  With recent studies, however, showing that nearly 40% of the population has very low levels of vitamin B12, B12 injections have become increasingly popular as an efficient way to supplement one’s diet.

The benefits of vitamin B12 are well known including increased energy, higher metabolism and improved cognitive functioning…but – because of the low absorption rates through the stomach – unless you plan on eating a bunch of liver or taking a dozen pills each day, you won’t be able to get the same level of b12 in your bloodstream that an injection could.

Everyone knows that B12 is a great energy booster.  Margaret Thatcher had weekly injections of B12 to sustain her famously high energy levels (along with Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Will Smith, and countless sports starts).  Margaret Thatcher apparently found the injections so useful that she had one on the morning she told her cabinet she was going to resign.  (Coincidentally, the structure of B12, which has the essential mineral cobalt at its core, was discovered by Dorothy Hodgkin, who taught Lady Thatcher at Oxford).

Besides the metabolic benefits, Vitamin B12 is essential for the development and maintenance of red blood cells, and contributes towards healthy nervous and cardiovascular systems.

It basically works by enabling your red blood cells to carry oxygen more efficiently.  A well oxygenated cell is also a healthy one….and one that won’t tire quickly.  As a result you’ll see improved cognitive ability, more energy and even healthier skin.  The only catch is that vitamin B12 isn’t easily absorbed naturally by the body.  So while there are a lot of foods that are rich in vitamin B12, you’d have to consume huge amounts of them (or vitamin b pills) in order to get the same benefit as taking a vitamin b12 injection once a week.

Vitamin B12 shots work because the injected B12 bypasses the intestines (where absorption rates are low) and goes directly into the bloodstream via the muscles (this is an intramuscular shot – NOT an intravenous one).  Vitamin B12 injections for weight loss have also become increasingly popular because it’s an easy way to boost your metabolisms…and it’s the 1 vitamin that everybody thinks they’re getting enough of but aren’t.

Vitamin B12 shots are typically given every 2 to 4 weeks and are available at weight loss clinics and most doctors’ offices.  Doctors will require a full physical before recommending B12 shots and prices for shots can range from $50 to $100 a week.  In recent years, self-administered B12 injection kits have gained popularity as a safe, inexpensive alternative.